The web site of Tevo

hello! hey! feel invited to look around here. i know it isn't furnished yet and it's kind of messy, i'm still figuring out what to place here, but still i'm glad that you somehow made it here!
this is the construction site for my personal web temple, away from the corporate internet and social media, hand coded to every bit.
i'm 16 years old and brazilian. i enjoy drawing, seeing art, listening to music and witnessing cinema to a slightly unhealthy level. some of my more specific insterests include: an enormous list of the specific artists i'm very passionate about, touhou project, neon genesis evangelion, björk, kate bush, serial experiments lain (which was the reason i found out about neocities and started a website), clarice lispector, the old web... i will make a page about all this eventually.
come check here later if you want, there will surely be something new waiting to be seen!

here's a button for this page if you'd like to add it to your page, make sure to host your own image file!

...and i'll leave here some cool music, just in case you want to chill a little before you leave. dancing

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The Uptade Log!

04.03.2023 The website now has a button!

20.01.2023 Added the projects page to the navbar

19.01.2023 Added the Update Log! +minor bug-ish fixes and now the cat gets transparent when hovering so you can reveal all it's secrets *o*

Added a view count widget

18.01.2023 Changed the URL to 'tevito' and added the navbar! altough most links are not made yet it has a nice windows 7 aero look which is also draggable with the miracle of 7.css and js scripts from jquery. also i changed the song iframe from Tem Certeza? to Chocolate (both from Ana Frango Elétrico) and added Tumblr, E-Mail and a little silly copyright thing to the footer (this is obviously not actually copyrighted tho). also changed the background which previously was a picture i took of a cell site right in front of my house and now is those two happy doggos i have saved from tumblr! :·3 i'm very glad with how it's turning

10.01.2023 Changed the name to "igotblistersonmyfingers" and started to work on the index page

around november 2022 Changed the name to Tinderbox

around september 2022 Replaced the default Neocities html page to a gif of a working pikachu written "in construction!"

28.08.2022 I created a Neocities account!